The Hurricane

Head bartender and owner Didier is always ready to show you a good time. Loud, fast, fucked in the head.


The Rock

This guy is one of the foundations of Dogma. Though he looks serious and slightly reserved, this guy is a blast. Ask him for Mexican and spicy drinks and a shot of Mezcal later you’ll find yourself laughing your ass off.


First Lady

She’s the woman in charge. Without her doing the service, we’d all be doomed on Saturday. Her calm and charming charisma makes men and woman fall in love with her. But watch out. She’s Didier’s girlfriend and Didier has a hammer (allegedly to crush ice with).


Did Bassche lose weight? No there’s a skinny hyper döppelganger. He runs around and works like dog. He’s a much valued member of our team and often make us all burst out laughing.


Our newest addition to our team. Charming as hell and so friendly he makes a Canadian look rude. His job is/ He is dedicated to make you smile, explain you the drinks and give you the fullest experience.