Services we provide.

We provide a wide selection of services, ranging from consultancy on entertainment and catering to masterclasses and tasting workshops. You name it!


Do you want Dogma on location? Contact us at We’ll work out the details to cater your event to the best of our abilities. On a train, boat or at a wedding reception? We give an all-in service to cater your event and your every need. Elite bartenders, 1920’s entertainment, live music, Michelin star food, you name it! We pride ourselves on being the very best you can get. Unfortunately as with all good things in life they come with a price tag. We stand for giving you an amazing event. With an end result you like, and in doing so we'll offer you the very best we have.


Would you like to upgrade your menu? Make your work environment more efficient? Redesign your bar or restaurant? Get your staff trained in spirits, the art of making cocktails and bar management? We offer a variety of modules tailored to your needs, going from basic cocktail techniques to redefining your business and making it more efficient, more profitable and more successful. There’s no secret to success - it’s hard work. We specialize in making your hard work pay off so that you achieve the results you always intended.


We provide a selection of Masterclasses specialized in cocktail making at the very highest level. These range from novice levels to the much more complex, and covering things such as cocktail history, storytelling, cocktail techniques, ice-carving and spirit courses.


Be it Gin, Whiskey, Rum or Genever, we offer tastings tailored to your wishes - you want the whole shebang, we'll do the whole shebang! Starting from where the seed was planted to companies making these fine spirits. The world of spirits holds no secrets for Didier anymore and he's only too eager to share everything he knows with you, with the addition of his own inimitable passion thrown in for good measure!


Do you have a special day or you would like to cranck up your cocktail skills? We organise three different cocktail workshops. We start at amusing, move up to serious, and end with mixology. These workshops are best enjoyed after a decent meal and a couple of cups of coffee. Your host will give you an afternoon you're not likely to forget any time soon! Although if you do happen to down everything in sight, we cannot guarantee you'll be able to retain more than an initial impression - on the other hand, you know what they say, first impressions count ! See you at Dogma!