Antwerp Dogma’s way

Cocktails are not all we’re interested in. We have a passion for hospitality in all forms.
Coffee, hotels, restaurants, you name it! Here is a selection of the places we love to go.



Butchers Coffee.

My friends Paolo and Dave opened Butchers in August 2016. They brought Sex and Rock ‘n Roll to the coffee scene. Being open every day this coffee bar in the south area (‘t Zuid) of Antwerp takes hospitality to a new level. Dave is about the smoothest guy you’ll ever meet and together with Paolo they created a raw and sexy concept. Working with Caffénation coffee beans they manage to create magic in cup every time. They have an extremely exclusive selection of specialty coffees from the best coffee roasters in Europe. They recently launched their food menu and are now leading in Antwerp’s cup and a bite scene. Their breakfast is simply epic. If you feel like having a cup of joe and a good time, go there! Kasteelstraat 57, 2000 Antwerp, 0466 10 38 33, open every day from 7am to 6pm (open at 9pm in the weekend)

Caffé Mundi.

Tom and Isabelle opened their doors a little before we did and continue to make one of Belgium’s best espressos - roasting their own beans from all over the world. You’d might think this place is a bit too quiet for our taste but you’d be wrong! You’ll often find one of Dogma’s committed staff there at 2 in the afternoon, fuelling up before the shift. Try their Ethiopian filter and XXX espresso.

Black and Yellow.

The first coffee I ever drank in my life was made to me by this bleu eyed angel. She's no doubt the hottest piece of ass you'll ever see behind a lamarzocco. If you can get your eyes of her perfectly shaped ass you'll notice soon enough this girl got class. Skills for two, personality fir three and a warm smile for everyone. She makes killer filters and espresso's, but her version of an alcohol free negroni is just art. A super concentrated filter together with a bitter from San Peligrino, it's the bomb. Go visit her on a beautiful day and dream away with a hot cup of black coffee in a yellow interior.



After a late night with a drink too many there’s only one thing I want to eat. A glazed pork belly rice bowl at Camino. Recently moved to a new location, they’ve kept their kitchen LA cool, with a laid back feel in an industrial-esque venue. Having upgraded their kitchen facilities, they really stepped up their game. Try the smoked aubergine, it brings me to tears. One of my favourite restaurants in Antwerp, they’re now open in the evening too, from Tuesday to Sathurday.


I spent three straight days crying when the original Dôme closed it’s doors, but don`t worry you can still get a taste of Sophie and Julien`s talents at their fish restaurant, Dôme sur mer.
However, they reached pure greatness at their new French bakery. The baker is a genius. What looks like a croissant can only be a magical mixture of butter and egg-yolk, in disguise! They opened their new venue last year and it’s amazingly beautiful. Making you some homemade pizza bruschettas … you name it.



With a bar style open kitchen concept, You can truly experience your food being made for you. Unassuming fine food. Amazing meat, paté, a twist on a pasta carbonara and a range of seasonal dishes that will blow your mind. Closed in the weekend you can only lunch and dine here from Monday to Tuesday.


After a successful run at the Michelin Star Restaurant, Dôme, Geert finally opened his own restaurant. Far removed from your experience of dessicated pieces of steak at Austrian après-ski. ‘Schnitzel’ actually means ‘little bites’, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Small dishes brought to you whenever they’re ready and in the order they come out of the kitchens. The ugliest interior with a staff of gold working there. Ugly plates with THE most amazing food on it. No nonsense, let the plate do the talking and my god it does. As a family restaurant they’re also closed during the weekend.