About Dogma.

Dogma opened it’s doors on the 21th of December 2013 and was a concept carefully lounged in the Antwerp nightlife designed by Didier Van den Broeck. Being relatively new in the world of cocktail we showed great entrepreneurship and brought a new breeze in the Belgium cocktail scene. Bringing you a menu only using the most high quality ingredients, a costumer services that would fit in any restaurant of the highest level Dogma came up with it’s own blend of fine dining for drinks blended with a healthy dose of sex and rock ‘n roll.

Showing off.

In 2015 we were crowned with the prize for youngest successful hospitality entrepreneur in Belgium. Two years later followed the prestigious Belgium’s Best Bartender award at the Venuez Hospitality Awards. In 2016 Didier was also selected to represent Belgium at the Worldwide Havana Club Gran Prix finals in Havana Cuba.