About Dogma

Dogma opened it’s doors on the 21th of december 2013 and there have been great drinks and laughter ever since.
We pride ourselves on making worldclass drinks from a menu which is a blent of classics, perfectly executed Tiki’s and signature drinks.
All drinks are given to you in a retro industrial surrounding soaked in sex & rock ’n roll.


Wijngaardstraat 5, 2000 Antwerpen

Reservation policy

Unfortunately we can’t save you a table. As you know we can get extremely busy especially in the weekend.
Groups bigger than five are kindly invited to sent us a short mail (date/time/number of people) so we can take this into account.

On the road

Would you like some pleasently disturbed world class bartenders on location. Please let us know the details and we’ll see if we can be at your service.


We help you in starting to run a succesful and passionate hospitality business. Together with a team of culinary geniuses, the belgian top of mixology, michelin star chefs, an international rewarded barista and a prize winning interior and graphic designer, we have all the muscle you need to put your business on steroids.